Since John was in his teens the integration of art, architecture and design has been fundamental to his career. At 18, and still trying to figure out how to live with juvenile onset diabetes, he started John Robert Wiltgen Design, Inc. He was diagnosed 10 years earlier.

The broad range of John’s work includes homes designed from the ground up, ingenious restyling and updating existing homes along with selection and installation of finishes and furnishings. At times, the work was done while he was totally blind from retinopathy.

John’s brand is synonymous with excellence and superior quality in design, graciousness and craftsmanship. His clients often rely on him to assist in the development of prestigious art collections selling works by Monet, Picasso, Warhol and Henry Moore – to name a few. Those are some of the many characteristics that solidify his long-term relationships with clients.
Presented with dozens of prestigious design and building awards, he has also been featured on HGTV, NBC’s “Open House”, WTTW, and Fox television. The residences he created have appeared in more than 200 newspaper and magazine stories including the Robb Report, Luxe Magazine, New York Times – even Newsweek with a bathroom article giving him top billing over Phillipe Starck. He has lectured before large and small audiences at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart and elsewhere.

John’s projects span the globe all the way to Africa where he often traveled with a PICC line and carry-on filled with IV antibiotics to fight cellulitis and osteomylitis. He passed out in the best of places (from low blood sugar) as he grew a coveted career with an awesome client base including celebrities and politicians. Despite all this he obsessed on making his family, friends and clients’ worlds’ beautiful.